Why Tanzania?

I moved to Tanzania in September 2013 on a one way plane ticket and with one suitcase of personal items. I had no plan for how long I would stay, but I knew it would be longer than anyone expected.

My first visit to Tanzania was in early 2012 with Youth Encounter team Cross Fire. It was during those three months of working in mostly remote, rural villages that I fell in love with the culture, people and languages of Tanzania. I knew a “normal” life was not for me.

During my time in Tanzania, my theology of orphan care has shifted and morphed and transformed. I have become fluent in Swahili, the national language of Tanzania, and have sat side by side with my neighbors and listened to their struggles and joys. I have heard time and time again that when hardships come, the only option they feel they have is to choose a child to place in an orphanage. This should never be the answer, let alone the only! I am excited about the work Walk In Love is doing to transform the approach of caring for vulnerable children with family based care.

I am also very passionate about access to education for orphans and vulnerable children. Walk In Love has over 50 children sponsored to attend English medium primary school. I currently have a sponsor to send one girl to school, Jennifer, who was 12 when I met her, and had never had the chance to receive an education until now. She is doing extremely well in school and has been able to complete her grades two in one year! As of 2017 she is studying in level 5th grade at an English medium school.

Will you join with me in this calling?