Why Tanzania?

I moved to Tanzania in September 2013 on a one way plane ticket and with one suitcase of personal items. I had no plan for how long I would stay, but I knew it would be longer than anyone expected. My main role here in Tanzania is volunteering with Neema Village (formally Neema House Arusha), where at any time we have 25-48 infants and toddlers (under the age of five) who had been orphaned, abandoned, or were at risk. I fell in love over and over and saw so many beautiful stories begin to unfold of children being welcomed into new families.

My first visit to Tanzania was in early 2012 with Youth Encounter team Cross Fire. It was during those three months of working in mostly remote, rural villages that I fell in love with the culture, people and languages of Tanzania. I knew a “normal” life was not for me.

I have always felt my calling was to care for young children. God has solidified that call in Tanzania. My heart is to declare the Father’s love, life, destiny and identity into His beautiful little children. To set them on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ in the crucial beginning years of their lives, in hopes of them growing up to impact the world around them.

I am also very passionate about access to education for orphans and vulnerable children. I plan to begin basic English courses for the neighborhood children once my house is complete. I currently have a sponsor to send one girl to school, Jennifer, who was 12 and had never had the chance to receive an education until now. She is doing extremely well in school and has been able to complete her grades two in one year! As of 2016 she is studying in level 4th grade at an English medium school.

Will you join with me in this calling?