Without the generous support of friends, family, and churches we are unable to do what we do in Tanzania. We depend on the prayers and financial support of others as we serve at Neema Village for as long as God calls us. Below is a list of ways you can partner with us and our family:

Financial Support

Whether it is a one-time donation or monthly support, our family is currently in need of people to partner with us and our work in Tanzania. Your donation can be made online via PayPal or feel free to email me ( for information regarding check donations.

One Time or Reoccurring Donation (click the box that says “Make this Reoccurring” if you would like your donation to happen automatically every month)

Connect with Us on Facebook

Facebook is the easiest and quickest way to stay up-to-date with the ministry of Neema Village, or what is going on with us through my personal page. Find Neema Village on Facebook at . LIKE us and then share us with all your friends! My personal Facebook page can be found here, Kelly Marie Mollel .


Most importantly, we need you to join us in prayer. Here are our current prayer request:

1. Pray for God’s restoration in Tanzania, for His healing hand to be upon families and for Him to give hope to the women who feel so hopeless that their only option is to abandon their children.

2. Pray for God to grow Neema Village in His time and in His way with the addition of our Widows project, and Mothering Center.

3. Pray for the growth and development of our babies as they turn to toddlers, and then children.

4. Pray for our marriage to be strong and an example to others.

5. Pray for financial blessings over our family as we are in need of support

6. Pray for the growth of our family, our potential upcoming adoption.

7. Pray for the harvest of our farm to be plentiful and Dickson’s work to become steady, to supply more income for our family.

8. Pray that we may always hear the Spirit and know when to speak, when to move, when to teach, when to be silent, when to help, and even when not to. And may God daily provide us strength as we navigate our intermingling cultures, and as I serve in a country that is becoming more like home every day.

Thanks for all your love and support,

Kelly & Dickson


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