When you see what He’s done…

It’s easy for me to get so caught up in the day to day that I forget the big picture.

I see Him in the sunrise, but I forget that He has been there every moment.

I see Him in the little “God winks” of my day, but I forget His enduring faithfulness from the beginning.

I forget how He still performs miracles, every day.

In May of 2016 I wrote a blog called “It would take a miracle” and then never even thought about all the miracles God handed me.

It would take a miracle to finish our house. – We finished, well enough to move in at least.

It would take a miracle to be able to MOVE INTO our house. -Yup, we MOVED INTO our house in September 2016.

It would take a miracle to bring our little boy home. – Little ‘T’ came home via foster care agreement in October 2017

It would take a miracle to bring my family to visit America. – Abigail and I were able to spend two months in America from June-August.

It would take a miracle… Isn’t my God a God of miracles! 

I saw His hands cover my daughter as I handed her off to the surgeons for open heart surgery at 6 months old. I saw His hands cover our vehicle as we drove 30 hours round trip across Tanzania to pick up little T. I see Him as I tuck Abigail and T in every night, in their room, in our house a village built.

How often must we wait to see in retrospect all the things He has done?

How often do I forget He is always faithful.



Goodbye to 2017

I’ve been awfully quiet on the blog, for that I apologize. It may seem like maybe not much is going on here, but that is the opposite of the case.

Things with Walk in Love have been busy, albeit mostly behind the scenes. We created our brand new website, http://www.walkinlovetz.org , which took lots of hard work and time (especially with Tanzanian electricity and internet issues) but we are so happy with it. Please spend some time looking around there.

Additionally, the school year in Tanzania runs from January to December. This means our 48 sponsored children finished school the first week of December. We have 12 students starting school next year, as well as 10 students who need to transfer schools, so I have been very busy with school paper work and forms and trying to get everything sorted for that. Walk in Love’s sponsorship program helps at risk children get great educations at private schools in town. Without the assistance of Walk in Love, many of these children would be at risk of being placed in an orphanage, simply because their parents do not have the means to educate them. Having the children in private school also means they receive at least 2 meals a day at school, which is also a huge benefit for these families. As we all know, a child who is continually hungry will struggle to focus on school and their work will suffer as a result. These children are not only receiving a great education, but they are able to focus and enjoy school with full tummies.


Thirdly, we are just about ready to open the doors for our day care center! Its been a big work in progress as we renovated what was previously the Walk in Love cafe to be the new day care. Our hope is to be full functioning in January, assisting local families who otherwise would have no safe place for their young children to be while they worked (or searched for work).

On a personal note, our little boy (T) has been home with us over 2 months now. We are still in the fostering process and so we are not allowed to post his photo on the internet, but if you are on our email list I hope you got our Christmas card! This has been a huge, but very much wanted, adjustment for our family. To go from a family of 3 to 4 is a big step anyway, but when that addition is a 4 year old boy who has spent almost his whole live in an orphanage setting makes that step grow exponentially. T and Abigail get along so incredibly well and he is so gentle with her. He loves her and is always watching out for her. We couldn’t have asked for a better big brother. He loves going swimming and has quite a few best friends in our neighbors. He has settled in so great you would think he has been with us always.

fb edit

Speaking of Abigail, we are working to get another follow up echo cardiogram scheduled. She is now almost 8 months post open heart surgery and so we are a little overdo but she has been having check ups with the pediatrician every 6 weeks or so and seems to be doing great. In the last couple weeks she has gotten so many teeth all at once, her poor little mouth. She is a very confident walker/runner these days and fiercely independent. We are so thankful to live next door to Bibi (grandmother/ my husband’s mom) who takes care of her when I go to work. Abigail’s favorite food is meat, especially on the bone, and she prefers to always feed herself rather than be fed. She is starting to have more recognizable words, though only in Swahili. (We need to work on using more English at home!)

I am excited about the prospects of what 2018 holds. My dear friend and director of Walk in Love put it best in her recent blog. “There is not a question of yes or no when God puts suffering in your path and compassion in your heart. You do the hard thing, even if in the end it might not turn out the way you had hoped…. Why are we continuing in ministry? We continue because God has put suffering in our path and compassion in our heart and all we can do is be obedient to His desire to decrease suffering in our small sphere.”


I am fully committed, whole heartedly, to the work set before me. To ease suffering. To change the world, even for one person. To help people change the way they see orphan care. To empower women, and families, to stay together.

To do justly.

To love mercy.

To walk humbly.

But I can’t do it without your help. We have been so blessed, we have never gone without. I am not saying we have never been stretched, there have been times where things have gotten uncomfortable for sure. But God has continued to open your hearts and supply for our needs. Over the 4+ years I have been here, needs have grown and shifted. I went from a single person, to a wife, to having a family of four. Costs in Arusha have mostly continued to increase as well.

So what I am trying to say is,

We are looking for supporters- individuals, families, or churches to partner along side our family and support us as we live in Tanzania and work with Walk in Love and families in our community.

Support can come in all shapes and sizes. From one-time donations, to monthly commitments, to quarterly contributions, to yearly gifts, our family would be grateful for them all.

Our monthly needs are currently about 2/3 covered , and we would be so grateful for your partnership in any way. ALL of your gifts are tax deductible through Pillar Missions, my sending agency. Simply designate your donation to “Kelly Mollel”.


Most of all, we cherish your prayers for our ministry and family. We know our Father, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, can and will abundantly provide for our needs as we continue to work in Tanzania. Join us in praying that God will supply the supporters we need, and that He will provide for our family in the meantime. Pray that God will connect us with the families that need our services the most. Pray for divine intervention for the mamas who feel abandoning their child is the only option. Pray for our adoption to move forward to make T a permanent part of our family. Pray for Abigail’s heart to continue to beat strong and need no further intervention.

We are so thankful for you.



When your heart is in two places

Sorry for the lack of updates. We have been in the United States for just over 5 weeks and it has been BUSY. On top of everything, my laptop decided it no longer connects to wireless connections and so my internet options have been limited.

We were in the St Paul, MN area for the first month or so of our time. I am so blessed and thankful for the Thorson family who graciously hosted us, and continue to be our “home base” while stateside. Also a huge huge huge thank you to Jonny and Breanna who lent us their car for our time. It has made all the difference to be able to travel freely. On July 22 we traveled south to Okoboji, Iowa, where we are staying with for three weeks. We have just started our second week here. It is a joy to be back at the camp that was so instrumental in the beginning of my faith journey. From here we head to New Hampshire for a week where we will see many of my family, then return to Minnesota for just shy of a week before heading home to Tanzania.

Home to Tanzania. Within the first few days of this trip it was confirmed for me America doesn’t feel like home anymore. Half of my heart is still in Tanzania. My husband and my little boy are still in Tanzania. But to be honest, even if we were all here together it would still feel like some luxurious vacation. America feels so familiar yet so foreign at the same time. I am so thankful we were able to make this trip happen though. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to meet up with us, to share a meal with us, to catch up on life. We look forward to many more meets ups!


While we are here we are taking the opportunity to stock up on some needs and wants, for myself, for my family, for vulnerable children that have a special place in my life. If you want to help, you can find our wish list at amazon. And if you want to help some special kids this is our current needs list:


You can also give through the paypal link on this page, or my following this link. 

Tano Photo Tuesday


My sweet Tumaini is SO grown up these days I can’t even handle it! He is such a care taker and protector of the littler babies.IMG_3729Jenny is here! She is a return volunteer for Neema and just an all around awesome person to have around. I’m ready for her to give up going back and forth and just move here already. 😉IMG_3850Memusi’s sponsor sent her a few adorable outfits including this cute swimsuit! She felt so special having this little photoshoot and loved her new dresses.IMG_3933 Itty Bitty  Imran came to Neema. He weighs just 1.75kg (under 4lbs) and was born the 17th of December! His mother died after delivery and his father and aunt came with him to Neema, sad to say goodbye but promised to visit often and are hoping to take him home between 8 months to a year! It’s near impossible to care for an infant without Mother’s milk as one can of formula costs around $15 USD where most people are lucky to make $100 a month, if that.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST…. The wedding date is set! April 2 2016! Buy your plane tickets, hahah! A full post on what exactly this card (it’s not an invite) is for coming soon.


Tano Photo Tuesday

file0001201687502IMG_0951This darling little girl came and joined us at Neema this week. Her name is Angel and she is about 3 months old. So so precious.IMG_0962IMG_1172 On Sunday it was my fiancee’s cousins confirmation. They are Lutheran so this tradition is still very alive here and involves a giant party! Here is the cousin, Nora, at her special table.IMG_1209A tradition at most any party in Tanzania is that whoever’s party it is feeds bite sized pieces of cake on toothpicks to just about everyone in attendance. It’s kind of hilarious. And me, as the only white person in attendance, got my shot at a piece of cake (which I also happened to bake for the party)12208838_10153057265316567_9118465805557752626_nAnd just for fun, me and Dickson in our party clothes. 🙂

Tanzania Year 3!

Year 3 was never part of the original plan, but I’m still here… .and I’m still staying!


I have now been in Tanzania for 2 years and 1.5 months! My monthly contributors are falling a bit short of my living expenses/small side projects. I’m hoping you all can help with one time gifts to cover the deficient in my third year here in Tanzania.

My work at Neema House continues to be the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. They say where your passion and your gifts collide, you find your calling. I truly believe I am living out my calling to the fullest extent here in Tanzania, with Neema House. I have been blessed to pursue a secondary passion, photography, here at Neema House as well.

Your gift can go a long way! As Christmas is approaching would you consider making a gift toward the continuation of my work here in Tanzania. I promise to live simply and modestly in respect of your gifts, and to give freely as I have been given. You can give at www.youcaring.com/kellyintz

Please keep up with my photos and blog here.
You can view more photos and read more about Neema House atwww.facebook.com/neemahousearushababyhome