About Me

Who or what is Mzungu Masai?

IMG_4744Well that’s me! Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m a “Mzungu”. Mzungu is the Swahili word for “foreigner” or typically, person with white skin. Further more, Masai is one, of the many tribes here in Tanzania. It happens to be the tribe my husband Dickson comes from. This makes me Mzungu Masai. (It also helps that I had my ears stretched long before I came here – a Masai tradition)

I moved to Tanzania is September 2013 to work with abandoned and orphaned infants and toddlers at Neema Village. Along the way I fell in love and now I’m in this for the long haul! All though, let’s be real, how many people by a one way ticket to Africa and you expect them to come back to the US?

I spend my days rocking babies, cleaning up spit up, and corralling rowdy toddlers. Then I come home and hang out with my neighborhood kids and we play jump rope or I watch them do back flips. We live stones throw from the in laws and so visits with them are frequent as well.

In April 2016 I finally married the love of my life. We are excitedly moving forward in this cross cultural mash up as we live and learn and love.

We live simply. We are building a house. I can’t wait til our house is finished and we can have the neighbor kids over for English movie nights (for practice of course) and I can start makeshift beginner English courses.

Welcome to my blog where I hope to share with you insights into my (new) culture, life in a cross-cultural marriage, and babies. Lots of babies.

Karibu sana. (You are very welcome!)