Tano Photo Tuesday

Honestly, sometimes a week goes by and I haven’t even taken many photos! But I managed to find a few. IMG_1560Some of my future nieces and their friends at the future parents in law’s home! IMG_1568
They love selfies.
Tumaini in nanny Rozina’s wig. Hilarious. IMG_3940
Another new arrival, Baby Carol Ann. Found abandoned outside someone’s home, she we be with us until we can find a family to adopt her! She’s healthy and had a birthweight of 2.4 kg. IMG_3979Tiny little Imran was admitted to the hospital NICU yesterday as he was not eating well and had dropped down to 1.6 kg. Pray for him to gain weight quickly!IMG_4003Memusi and Tumaini being adorable. Sometimes I can’t even.


4 thoughts on “Tano Photo Tuesday

  1. Val Jessop Stansfield

    Hi Kelly! The photos are lovely and you and your man look so happy. A perfect match! Love and Very Best Wishes for an exciting future!

  2. Memusi always tugs at my heart. I think it’s because she will be going back to her family so and the transition will be hard for her… not to mention the hard life for girls in Africa.

    1. I love her dearly as well, but I’ve also seen the pure love her Grandmother has for her. Every time she is able to visit Memusi tears well up in her eyes. It’s a beautiful kind of love.

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