Tano Photo Tuesday


My sweet Tumaini is SO grown up these days I can’t even handle it! He is such a care taker and protector of the littler babies.IMG_3729Jenny is here! She is a return volunteer for Neema and just an all around awesome person to have around. I’m ready for her to give up going back and forth and just move here already. 😉IMG_3850Memusi’s sponsor sent her a few adorable outfits including this cute swimsuit! She felt so special having this little photoshoot and loved her new dresses.IMG_3933 Itty Bitty  Imran came to Neema. He weighs just 1.75kg (under 4lbs) and was born the 17th of December! His mother died after delivery and his father and aunt came with him to Neema, sad to say goodbye but promised to visit often and are hoping to take him home between 8 months to a year! It’s near impossible to care for an infant without Mother’s milk as one can of formula costs around $15 USD where most people are lucky to make $100 a month, if that.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST…. The wedding date is set! April 2 2016! Buy your plane tickets, hahah! A full post on what exactly this card (it’s not an invite) is for coming soon.



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