Tano Photo Tuesday

I’m baaaaack!

I took a little break for the holiday and now I am ready to start blogging again. I think. But anyway let’s start things off with some photos of the last ?couple? of weeks

1934385_10153147120876567_6890211934294295583_nThings are busy busy at Neema with 45 babies and toddlers under 5. Our small baby room (non-crawlers) is full with 10, plus 1 in isolation! Then we have 9 crawlers/beginning walkers and 21 toddlers! That’s a huge handful for sure. We also have a set of triplets with their Mama and another baby with her young mama staying with us. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. 12522926_10153152336801567_151098018719779036_n Baby Saruni is our newest arrival. Thankfully his grandmother (Bibi) is staying with him while we have him in isolation. He’s only 1.65kg (just over 3lbs!). He was premature and born out in the Masai village and, unfortunately, his mother passed away. IMG_2335Bahati turned 3 this month! (2 Jan)IMG_2398Malikia and Julius (twins) also turned 3 this month! (12 Jan)IMG_2542Patricia turned 1! (7th Jan)IMG_2623Sweet baby Nuriath is back with us at Neema after about two weeks in the hospital! We’re keeping a close eye on her, and appreciate your prayers.IMG_2660This is a photo of Tumaini just for fun. Gosh, I love this boy and I cannot believe how grown up he’s gotten! IMG_2848Baby Nengai at 5 weeks! She’s smiling a ton these days and just melting my heart. She especially likes to smile after leaving me a big stinky poo in her nappy.IMG_2869Hanging out with baby Nengai. It’s so hard to wrap my head around Tumaini was this size!

1538795_896417193740404_3629965072125687989_nLastly, on the 31st of December we said goodbye to Lekishoni. This sweet little boy lived such a short life and I know we loved him well in the time that he had. His twin, Loitapuaki, is still in ICU but has been improving. It’s always hard to say goodbye to a little life cut short too soon.




[If you feel led to support my ministry in Tanzania with Neema House, you can give at https://www.youcaring.com/kellyintz or click the “donate” button on the side]


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