2015 in brief

A quick recap on 2015 (I promise I plan on a more thorough update as well!)

In 2015 Neema House welcomed 21 new babies! Plus a mother of one and a mother of triplet boys, who are staying with us.

new in 2015

(Not including our children who arrived with their mothers)
From left to right, top to bottom-
Amani, Meshack, Katherine, Zawadi, Maria, Gabriela, Angel, Benson, Jackson, Nengai, Pascal, Sharon, Patricia, Loitapuaki, Lekishoni, Noreen, Jemma, Sifa, Joeli, Ezra and Nuriath.

We had 5 children reunited with family, Baraka, Carolyn Sue, Amani, Ibrahim, and Ebenezer.

We also had 6 adoptions! Christopher, Dawson, Phillip, Michael, Rose June and Matilda.returned home or adopted

Thank you for all your support of my ministry with Neema House. I am so thankful for you! Please remember you can still give to help me continue. To make reoccurring donations click the paypal link in the sidebar, or for one time gifts head to http://www.youcaring.com/kellyintz




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