Tano Photo Tuesday

This weeks Tano Photo Tuesday will feature our Neema House Christmas party!

You’ll have to keep your eye on FB for the rest of the photos, this is just a teaser.

IMG_2230-001This is the wonderful Neema House Staff and a fair portion of the children. I *think* we have 40 staff members and I know we have 46 babies! It’s a full house.IMG_2211-001Our staff received a fairly significant Christmas bonus this year ($100USD) which resulted in tons of celebration! IMG_2241-001Christmas dresses! – Gloria, Angel and CareenIMG_2244-001Christmas dresses- Dorothy Hawa, Riziki, and DorisIMG_2250-001Christmas dresses! – Joyce, Memusi and MalikiaIMG_2271-001Patricia, Zawadi and Jemma looking stinkin adorable. IMG_2282Merry Christmas! (w/ Tumaini and Nengai)IMG_2295-001Mama Musa looking over our Christmas feast! Goat, Chicken, roast bananas, potatoes, rice, watermelon, pineapple, and “salad”.  So so so much delicious food.


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