Fun Fact Friday-Tanzanite

Tanzania has a lot of different natural resources, including gold, diamonds, natural gas, nickel, coal, iron and other gemstones such as Tanzanite, which can only be found in Tanzania. The only known deposit of tanzanite is located on a five square mile hilltop at Merelani Hills near Arusha, ten miles south of the Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania.

Tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone. It occurs in only one place worldwide, here in Tanzania! Its blue, surrounded by a fine hint of purple, is a wonderful color. Tanzanite is very rarely a pure blue and usually exhibits rich purple overtones. tanzanite-pendant

Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, East Africa. As one of the newest and most exotically colored gemstones, Tanzanite is part of the Zoisite mineral species. zoc3afsite_tanzanite

Legend says that it was Masai cattle herders that first noticed this stone some 30 years ago after a fire caused by lightening burned areas in Tanzania. The herders noticed that brown zoiscite crystals had turned a deep blue-purple due to the heat from the fire.


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