Fun Fact Friday- Tribes

Tanzania is home to more than 120 different tribes, each with their own language. Kiswahili, or better known as just Swahili, is the national language of Tanzania which unites the country. Many people are fluent in at least two languages, their tribal, or mother tongue, and Swahili. Others also add English to this mix. bqzythkcaae2oih

Among these 120 ethnic groups, their speaking languages representing all four major African language groups. These include Khoisan, or “click”speaking hunter-gatherers, Nilotic-speaking pastoralists (such as the Maasai), Cushitic speakers, and Bantu speakers; the latter predominate in terms of population size. The largest ethnic groups include the Sukuma (over three million), and the Chagga, Haya, and Nyamwezi (over one million each).

The Maasai are one of the most well known tribes in Tanzania for their traditional lifestyle and brightly colored attire. 


Swahili is the official language, and is the medium of instruction in primary schools. English is the language used in secondary schools and higher educations, as well as the language of commerce. 

So! There is your fun fact for the week.


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