Tano Photo … Thursday

I’m late this week. Electricity has been bad again but here it is, better late than never.1On Thanksgiving we went out to a friend’s house for a big Thanksgiving meal! We had chicken instead of turkey but it was still delicious. We played Cranium and laughed until we cried. It was awesome. 2On the 29th Franki turned 4! He’s still the oldest at Neema House.3On Sunday I made an emergency trip out to Maasai land (6 hours round trip) to pick up beautiful little Nengai. Nengai means “of God” and her mother had died after giving birth at home. There is no way to formula feed this far out in the village and with no breast milk Nengai would not have survived. She’s a beautiful little baby and very healthy with a birth weight of 3.5 kg. 4Newborn pictures with Nengai.5On the way back from Maasai land we saw a huge group of giraffes on the side of the road! Life in Africa, for real! 6And a Tumaini picture for fun. He love love loves the little baby. I think he’ll make a great big brother some day. ❤ (here holding baby Sifa)


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