Tano Photo Tuesday

This week you get bonus photos!file0001201687502IMG_0633We had a fake fall party (because I guess it’s technically spring?) and the kids laughed and laughed and threw leaves in the air. (Angel, Gloria and Tumaini pictured)IMG_0718Baby Jackson only seems to have two moods, crying his head off or this huge cheeky smile which is nearly impossible to catch on camera. Glad I finally got it. IMG_0700Baby Ezra looking so handsome!IMG_0828So Meshack is Franki’s half brother. And Franki is a triplet. And these two girls (on the left) are Franki’s triplet sisters Lucia and Yacinta. They were so so so excited to see Meshack, as he was to see them. Meshack lived with them in the village up until a couple months ago when he came to Neema for health reasons.IMG_0856Here is Mama Franki and the triplets (Franki, Yacinta, Lucia) and Meshack!IMG_0848Tumaini and Joyce just hamming it up for the camera.IMG_0845Lucia and Yacinta were so so so excited about these baby dolls and when I brought out these blankets to tie the dolls on their backs they were over the moon! I can’t even handle the precious-ness.


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