Tano Photo Tuesday

file0001201687502photo 1 (1)We got a gift of some new ride on things this past week. Here is Julius pushing his twin sister Malikia (who is blind). They actually don’t play together very often so this was a very sweet moment.photo 2 (1)Tumaini testing out the other ride on, a police motorcycle. Of course it doesn’t actually work but the other kids help push it around. They all love it.photo 3 (1)Tumaini is officially a “big boy”. He refuses to let anyone feed him and he’s entirely set on doing it himself. Here he is eating with style.photo 1It’s been getting SUPER hot and so we got out the swim suits and filled our tubs with water the other day. Most of our boys swimsuits get worn as every day shorts so even the boys wore bikini bottoms, like Tumaini here.photo 3Water fun! Gian (backside- center photo- blue girls ruffled swimsuit) was so so so set on wearing this girls swimsuit even though I tried to just give him a pair of shorts. These kids can be so funny.


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