Tano Photo Tuesday

It’s been a very busy week! Even though I was in a cast for it (which I had taken off yesterday!) Here’s a small look into the week.


Baby Joel came to Neema this week! His mother died in childbirth and he’s a wee-little guy. Barely weighing  1.8 kg at 3 weeks old, he’s got a long way to go but he’s doing well and is very alert.IMG_0241 The same day Gabriela came and joined us at Neema! Gabriela is healthy and happy, with an estimated DOB as the 24th of September. She was abandoned shortly after her birth and stayed at the hospital for some time before coming to us.

IMG_0292 On Saturday Dawson was adopted! His (new) dad said “It’s like we’ve been separated from our son for a long time and now God has brought him back to us”. So great to see families become whole!

This week also brought Judith and her triplets! Judith, Felix, Timothy, and Robert joined us here at Neema House Sunday. The boys are doing well though they are all around 1.5 kilos each. Judith comes from a village very far away and had come to Arusha hoping that her uncle would help. He told her that she could come if she would leave her children. So for the time being, Judith and the boys are staying her at Neema. 


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