Tano Photo Tuesday

So. I missed a week…. but here we are again! The electricity is still a huge issue and as I write this I am praying it will return but…. TIA (This is Africa).

Without further ado…


IMG_0091Some cuties! Christopher, Katherine, Amani, Mohammed, Elisha and Joshua. The “crawler” room, though most of them are walking at this point. IMG_0125Patricia, Meshack (holding Jackson), Zawadi, Angelous (holding less-than-happy Ezra) and JemmaIMG_0152Some littles! Maria, Ezra, Sifa, Nuriath and Pascal. Maria is 6 months old and fits right in with these littler ones.

IMG_9652Did photo shoots with a bunch of the kids so I’ll share a few. Gloria is now 3 and a half and looking so so so stinkin grown up!IMG_9745Little miss KatherineIMG_9824Little Zawadi and lots of flowers.12096582_10152997917936567_5731384696619910959_nAnd then there’s this…. I fell on some loose gravel/stones friday night in the dark and rolled my ankle. Since I have a previous serious ligament injury this time it was like 10 times worse and totally terrible. So now I have a hard cast for the next two weeks. The cast has helped reduce the pain a lot and a friend lent me some crutches. Taking in easy for awhile but missing the kiddos! If the electricity decides to be more regular maybe you’ll catch me online more frequently.Otherwise, anyone have any book recommendations to pass the time? haha


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