Tano Photo Tuesday

file0001201687502IMG_1119Shabani looking awesome.IMG_1127Gloria and Angel in new outfits for school. These girls are so clever.IMG_1147We got hit with a terrible flu bug this last week that started taking the kids out a few at a time. They were vomiting and having diarrhea and just plain exhausted. One day they came in for lunch and all just proceeded to pass out of the couches. Luckily I think we’re on the tail end of it!IMG_1152Here’s a blurry picture of my crazy dog, Patty (Patrick). Friends named him and it just kind of stuck. He’s getting big fast and he has found his bark. He’s nice to have around.

12036572_853873487994775_2542190729609725299_nHere is the progress so far on the new Neema Baby Home! So excited about how things are coming along out there! Especially since everything is done by hand. It’s incredible to see the progress.


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