Tano Photo Tuesday

This week’s got bonus photos! file0001201687502IMG_8890Tumaini! Of course a week recap is not complete without a photo of him right? As I was looking through these photos I cannot believe how grown up he has gotten. IMG_8897Tumaini, Memusi and Hawa (Dorothy). What a crazy bunch.IMG_8983This week we welcomed Bridgetta (Bre). Her mom is very sick and unable to care for her right now. She’s a sweet little one, about a month old.IMG_9101Obviously these kids never have their photo taken….. (Zawadi, Gloria, Daniel, Memusi)IMG_9120Angelous and Angel, the twins. It’s also crazy to look back at photos of them from a year ago. They will turn three on the 17th September!


Here is a bunch of tired kids (and they totally started kicking and hitting each other while I was trying to stage this photo….)
IMG_9178Just for fun… Gloria, Tumaini, Baraka. Tumaini loves hats.12002132_849505185098272_2631130268274817648_nAnd then we welcomed baby 39! It’s getting full around here. Jackson is three months old and comes from a remote maasai village. His mother just recently passed away and his family is very poor with no cow or goat to provide milk. He is very handsome and has the biggest smiles.


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