Tano Photo Thursday

I’m not even going to pretend like this ones on time. We’re still dealing with massive electricity cuts and now my water has been off for a week so….. this is Tanzania! Haha.file0001201687502IMG_8828This week Mama Zawadi was able to come visit her daughter! Zawadi came to Neema House as a newborn because her mother has advanced breast cancer. This was the first time her mama was well enough to make the long journey into town to see Zawadi. The moment Zawadi was placed in her arms her eyes filled with tears. She loves her little girl so much.

All the kids wanted to have their pictures taken this day. They all also wanted to sit and climb on my legs. And yes Tumaini is picking his nose.

Baby Doris and her triplets. She was so set on carrying these three baby dolls around.

The quality of this photo is terrible, but this guy makes me laugh a lot. Which is totally needed these days.

I made Spanish rice and tacos for dinner! Huge process, and I definitely splurged a bit on buying tortillas and salsa instead of making them but super delicious.


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