Tano Photo Tuesday – August 4, 2015



On Sunday all the toyo drivers (motorcycle taxi) and the dala dala guys (and their friends) get together and play soccer. It’s actually quite intense. Soccer (football) is a really big deal here.IMG_0946  Tumaini is perfecting the cheesiest smile for selfies. I love it.IMG_7950

Some volunteers brought a bunch of tie dyes t shirts for the kids. This was the best result of my attempted group photo.IMG_7962Angelous and Angel, the twins, and their tie dye. They absolutely know they are twins and they love each other. Even though they can also be so stinkin naughty!IMG_8026Amani has been settling in at Neema. He is a smiley little guy and has started to respond to his new name, Amani. This day he was totally ham-ing it up for photos.


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