(Late) Tano Photo Tuesday – July 21, 2015

Better late than never? Sorry. With ending up with Typhoid and power outages and just regular life in Tanzania, Tuesday became Wednesday which became Thursday… BUT without further ado….


IMG_0897I went back to the salon for a new style and came out with this! I love it the most out of all the times I’ve gone and I feel pretty awesome. It was however ridiculously painful and the whole time I was just thinking “why am I doing this again!”. But now I love it. Hah.IMG_7683We’ve been playing with bubbles a lot more these days. Tuma loves them. As does  pretty much all the kids.IMG_7689Meshack enjoying some bubbles. This kid has really come out of his shell since his first couple of days here. I can only imagine that the transition from remote maasai village to our westernized home was quite shocking but these days he’s enjoying himself. He will hopefully be able to go back home soon once we get his medications in order.IMG_7720New arrival Pascal! He’s teeny tiny (about 4 lbs). Unfortunately his mother passed away in childbirth.IMG_7727 Our other new arrival, Sifa. Sifa and Pascal arrived on the same day. Though she is quite bigger than him, she’s the younger of the two.


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