Tano Photo Tuesday – July 14, 2015

file0001201687502IMG_7473Meet Meshack! Meshack lived at Neema when he was a newborn because his mother died in childbirth. He is Franki’s half brother. Meshack successfully transitioned back into life in the village around 6 months old. He’s back for a short time while we are exploring a possible medical problem he may have. The first few days he was here were really difficult for him, but he’s starting to settle in and trust everyone a bit more every day. And I got this smile from him on the trampoline!IMG_7486Zawadi is just gorgeous. I can’t even.IMG_7495Nanny Rukia decided she wanted to give the spin-y swing a try too!IMG_7547BUBBLES! Dorothy (Hawa) was tripping over herself she was so excited.IMG_7574And Doris! She made the best faces while chasing the bubbles.

IMG_7631This is a Tuma photo just because. He’s so handsome! And getting so big!IMG_7640And lastly, Phillip (Kibabu – small grandpa) went home! He was adopted by this wonderful couple. Phillip had already really bonded with this mama and when she was around he didn’t want anyone else to hold him. Such a sweet story for this little guy!


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