Tano Photo Tuesday – June 23, 2015

This is mostly Tumaini edition of Tano Photo Tuesday.file0001201687502

IMG_0747Here is a flashback of Tumaini a year ago, and this past week. Still loves to wear big shoes. How has a year passed? (or even more correctly a year and 7 months since he came into my life!)IMG_0757Tuma wanted to try and wear my scarf. This is the outcome. Hahah.IMG_0760Again Tumaini trying on some huge shoes. He was so proud of himself.IMG_0789
And throw in a selfie with my boy for good measure.IMG_0799On a walk with the kids, Gloria is helping Shabani (holding his hand) and Riziki has got Tumaini’s hand. The big kids love the little kids and take care of them! IMG_7084 Little Noreen is still really struggling. They moved her to NICU to get her body temperature up though she has an unexplained fever and is not responding to the calorie dense formula she is receiving. We are just praying.


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