Tano Photo Tuesday – June 16, 2015

file0001201687502It’s been quite the week!

IMG_6848Patricia joined us this week! She’s six months old and her mother is mentally unwell. Her father returned home from work and could not find his wife and Patricia had been left all alone. The decision had been made that Patricia would come stay with us at Neema House for awhile until she can be reunited with her family. She’s a smiley little girl and has settled in well.IMG_7014Tumaini was busy making phone calls while sitting on the potty this week.IMG_6910Daniel got too tired on the trampoline and decided to nap right there while the other kids continued to play.IMG_6963Zawadi being precious with this baby doll.

IMG_6921I can’t even handle the preciousness of this. Zawadi and Tumaini playground love.
IMG_7066This weekend Joshua’s dad and a bunch of extended family came to visit from Masai land! It was a big gathering and they brought a goat and 3 chickens! The older women were so happy to see how well Joshua was and just passed him around continually. None of them had seen him since Joshua was born, and his mother passed away. Now he will be one in August!IMG_7041We received Noreen this week as well. I have to say, her condition completely shocked me. She is 11 months old and only weighed 3.5 kilos. She is all skin and bones. We got her in to the hospital right away and the Dr wasn’t sure she would survive the weekend. But here we are at Tuesday and she’s still with us! She’s a fighter. She is receiving special therapeutic foods for malnourishment through a nasal feeding tube currently though in the last day has started taking some by mouth. She is becoming more aware and alert and can cry with some volume, as opposed to the small whimpers she made when she first arrived. Noreen is HIV positive and also dealing with pneumonia. Pray for her!


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