Tano Photo Tuesday – June 9, 2015

file0001201687502Bonus photos this week!IMG_6237I went with a group of volunteers and 7 littles for a field trip this week! We went to a little playground and then ordered chips (fries) for the kids. We try and give them experiences outside of Neema House from time to time.IMG_6288 Helping Tumaini go down the slide! He loved the playground and him and Bakari where up and down the slide over and over and over. Of course they couldn’t climb the ladder so it involved someone lifting them up to me, me placing them on the slide, and someone else at the bottom to catch them.IMG_6251Daniel kept trying to feed Riziki fries. I thought it was precious.IMG_6565Boys and their cars! Bakari, Daniel and Tumaini were a hoot playing in this car. The sun has been out for a few days now so the kids can actually play outside!IMG_6420We had some visitors from the School of St Jude come by and donate some very beautiful dresses! Of course that calls for a photoshoot. Though getting all the girls to smile at the same time proved impossible. (L-R Katherine, Angel, Doris, Dorothy(Hawa), Neema, Gloria, Zawadi)IMG_6361I just cant resist this boy’s toothless grin. Joshua playing football (soccer).IMG_6700Good weather means playing outside! A bunch of the kids, plus Camille and Tabitha on the spinning swing.IMG_6785 This week Elicana and I brought our friend Mama Hope for pizza! She had never even seen pizza before. Turns out she is a big fan, I don’t blame her, the pizza at this place is delicious.


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