Tano Photo Tuesday – May 19, 2015

file0001201687502 Bonus photos this week!10996013_10152730696251567_7311787077646819707_n

Elisha has come a very long way since he first arrived at Neema. I love listening to this boy giggle. And this day he was all about “playing” the guitar.11165248_10152730706076567_8841059337705281029_n  One of the newer nannies at Neema is also a tailor and she made me this incredible skirt! This style of skirt is super trendy here right now and I happen to love it as well. Also, spent all day at the saloon (okay, 4.5 hrs) Sunday to get my hair braided again!11262472_10152724186811567_7603872564154193104_n  Tumaini totally loves the little babies. Here he is cheesin big time holding little Jemma.IMG_5691  These kids love to climb and sit in the shelves. Left to right – Riziki, Bahati, Joyce, Tumaini.IMG_5719 Just for fun -photo shoot with Riziki and JoyceIMG_5743

Peace out dude! Joyce could not figure out the peace sign or the thumbs up. But she tried! haha.IMG_6047And last but not least Carolyn Sue (actually named Catherine) went home today! Her grandparents told her mama that they would help support her and so the reunification was able to take place. Of course Neema House will be following up to make sure things continue to go well, but it was obvious this Mama was very happy to have her little girl back.


2 thoughts on “Tano Photo Tuesday – May 19, 2015

  1. Rachel G

    Love the little girls with their cool sunglasses! And 4.5 hours in the salon? I’m a licensed cosmetologist, but in my state, natural hair and braiding is a totally different license, so they didn’t teach us much about it in school, though I find it fascinating. I’d love to watch the work involved in getting braids done!

    1. A trip to the salon here is intense. Hah. But because I am white, and have soft hair, not everyone can braid it. I have one Mama that I visit and she does it for me, but it also includes adding a “weave” which is not real hair. All in all I can usually leave it in for almost 3 weeks if she gets it tight enough.

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