Tano Photo Tuesday – May 12

file0001201687502 I know I said I would be posting more. And I do have posts and ideas ready (even though no one commented with any!) This week was just a mess of power outages and terrible internet connection. Bear with me, I am in Africa after all. 11108266_10152714618796567_2666374519451724273_n  It is RAIN SEASON. For sure. I cannot go anywhere with out tramping through mud and mess. Thankfully I have not fallen down in any of these mud messes. The kids have been getting a bit stir crazy though! IMG_5584 We welcomed a new little girl to Neema House this week. Little Zawadi Eliah is just over one month old. She comes from a Masai village that is quite far out and her mother is suffering from advanced breast cancer. She is completely unable to produce milk or care for her new baby. Little Zawadi has come to stay with us until she is big enough to return home to her family’s care.11150666_10152715018001567_1944584824609836639_n Aaaaand it finally happened. Tumaini got chicken pox (or tete kuanga if you’re wondering what they call it in swahili). This was day two. We’ve been dealing with chicken pox for over three months now, as it takes out a few kids at a time. IMG_5634 Who doesn’t love a potty training picture?  Sometimes this kids are flat out ridiculous. Left to right is Shabani, Doris, Dorothy, and Tumaini. As you can see Doris all is dealing with the chicken pox, though she is generally in much higher spirits than Tumaini. She was scooting her little potty all over the room.tanoDay three of chicken pox was the worst for Tumaini. He has some unfortunately terrible ones inside his mouth that are turning into sores. On this day he literally didn’t want to do anything but snuggle and sleep. Thankfully he is now on the up and up (we’re on day 5!).


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