Tano Photo Tuesday – May 5


Tumaini LOVES music. Whether its my phone, or the guard’s little radio he always likes to hold it right up to his ears. He is also quite the dancer.IMG_5210  I let Gloria and Angel get all dressed up for a walk around the neighborhood. They LOVE dressing up and they just talked and talked and talked. These girls are growing up so fast.


Tumaini’s new girlfriend is Zawadi. They are super cute and Zawadi especially loves giving Tuma kisses. Sometimes he lets he and sometimes he runs away.IMG_5466

The big girls love to have their photo taken. Again, I can’t believe how big they have gotten. This is Riziki, Angel and Glroia.IMG_5473 Memusi and Tumaini. Tumaini is still in the middle room but sometimes I bring him to play with the toddlers. He use to enjoy visiting his friend Memusi but now she chances him around and trying to hug him too much so he’s tired of it. It’s still hilarious to watch.IMG_5482

Angel and Angelous. The twins. Hug or chokehold? You decide. HahIMG_5485 Some of the toddlers all lined up in a row! Gloria, Riziki, Angelous, Franki, Gian, Angel and Baraka. Some of my little crazy joy kids.


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