Tano Photo Tuesday – April 21


Dorothy buried herself in toys. It was so hilarious, and then Tumaini got jealous of all the attention she was getting and he also covered himself with toys. He’s still cute too.IMG_0394 IMG_0399  We welcomed a new baby! Newly named Jemma, she’s about 3 months old and her mother abandoned her with a neighbor and ran off. The neighbor took care of her for three weeks hoping her mama would return but she never did. The neighbor is young herself and does not have the means to care for this child so she brought her to the police who directed her to Neema. She is a sweet smiley little girl, though a bit underweight and malnourished. But she loves having a bottle so I’m sure we’ll fatten her up in no time! IMG_0404  I went to visit Jennifer at school on saturday! I brought her some things she needed for school and we went and got some lunch. At the end of the semester (july) they are moving her up to grade 3! I’m so excited for her.IMG_0425Tumaini is so sweet…. I got so extra time with him over the last two days and it was so wonderful. I love this little guy.


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