Tano Photo Tuesday – April 14

I’m so bad at choosing 5 photos these days so there are extra again.IMG_0332  My neighbor Neema and a baby kitten (or neow as they call it). I was taking pictures of the kitty and she just picked it right up. IMG_0345We welcome baby Careen to Neema Saturday. She is almost 2 months old and her mother is mentally unstable and young. Her mother has been admitted to the local hospital for evaluation. IMG_0350  Jennifer had a week off from school for Easter break. I brought her back Sunday afternoon and she was swarmed by all these girls shouting her name and so excited to see her. It made me so happy to see that she’s made so many friends at her new school. She’s also advancing very quickly in her classes!IMG_0355 Tumaini came to church Sunday! How precious does he look in his church clothes? He managed to sleep through almost the entire service, what a champ, hah.IMG_0368 Yesterday I was holding baby Careen and Tuma came over and plopped down next to me. He reached for baby Careen until I placed her in his lap and then he just kept looking at her and smiling. He will be a great big brother some day! IMG_4661 We’ve been dealing with a huge chicken pox outbreak for like 2 months now. This is poor little Carolyn. She’s so covered and now her back is covered in open sores. Pray for all these babies!IMG_4684I did a photoshoot with Daniel and his tongue is out in more than half the photos. I find this hilarious.


And what is a week without a photo of me and Tumaini. I just can’t get over how much I love this boy.


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