Tano Photo Tueday – April 7

It was to hard to pick 5 photos so enjoy the bonus! IMG_4385

Water break with the big kids. Playing outside is a lot of work!


I may or may not have dressed Tumaini up like an American flag… sort of. But seriously, how precious is he.


I get that these are the worst kind of photos to take of your kids but how hilarious is Baraka in this photo. Wearing Bibi’s shoes. Sitting on the potty.IMG_4427

We had an Easter/Passover feast of kondo (sheep). Mama Musa did a lot of the cooking and she is awesome at it. And she’s awesome in general. I love this woman. IMG_4461

Ebenezer went home on Saturday! His dad had always come regularly (his mother died in child birth). His dad had remarried in December and felt like he could finally bring his little boy home. Here is Eben on the front porch with his bibi (grandmother)


PS. If you’ve made it this far, I’m only $100 away from my new home goal! If you can help (every bit counts!) click here!


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