Tano Photo Tuesday – March 31

My internet connection has been terrible and the power has been off for ages so this is a bit delayed. IMG_4074

Angel and Angelous and twins and they are precious. And also kind of crazy. But we had a really fun photo shoot
neemaThere was a whole family from the States who visited Neema for 2 days. It was like having enough people to hold every baby! And they were awesome.
IMG_4129This week when the older kids went for their afternoon walk Tumaini went too! He was so excited to wear shoes and he took off arms swinging and all. He pretty much refused to hold anyone’s hand and was determined to lead the pack. About halfway through he got tired though and I had to carry him. But still, I deemed it a success. He’s growing up so fast!
IMG_4122  This is what happens when a bunch of the kids try to get together for a picture with no adult assistance. Hah.IMG_4102After my photo shoot with Angel and Angelous, Baraka said “bado mimi, Kelly, bado mimi” which means “not yet me” so of course I took him to take some photos. He’s really bad at the whole “forced smile” thing. Hah


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