Hoping for a Home

Dear friends,

Thank you for continually supporting me on this journey, mission, life in Africa. I KNOW I would not be here without you. With that said, I need your help, again.

I have found a new house! It’s lovely and in a lot of ways perfect. It’s still a bit “African” if you will but it has running water and is inside a gated compound with two other houses. It has grass in it’s bit of a yard. The moment I saw it (actually 8 months ago) I knew I wanted to live there.

The "gate" of my current home
The “gate” of my current home

My current “lease” is up very soon on my current house. These two rooms are very basic and I do not have the space for many things I hope to do. Besides these facts, my neighbors have been getting less and less welcoming. It’s become quite clear that moving is my best option.

In order to move I need to be able to pay 6 months up front. That’s about $900 USD. I have been blessed to already receive $100! That’s 1/8 the way there! If I could find 8 more people to give $100, or 16 to give $50, or even 32 to give $25 I would be able to move into this lovely house, and hopefully very soon after settling in I could begin foster care.

I don’t want to expand too much on the foster care aspect until I’m in the new house, (which is the first and biggest step toward getting approval from Social Welfare).

Please consider how you can support me in this move, thank you so much.

You can give at http://www.youcaring.com/kellyshome


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