Tano Photo Tuesday – March 25


Zawadi rocking the zebra printIMG_3848

Zawadi and Tumaini sharing kisses IMG_3904

I was trying to take some pictures of Elisha and Tumaini really wanted to be involved. So we decided he could try and “hold” Elisha…. Tumaini’s new word is “toto” (mtoto meaning child/baby in swahili). He’s pointing to every other kid at neema and saying “toto!” He also wants to hold and kiss the little ones all the time.IMG_3941 Handsome little Elisha looking so healthyIMG_4002Did a mini shoot with Gloria, despite her chicken pox scabs/scars all over her face/body. These days she pretty much refuses to have her picture taken without a pretty dress on. What a three year old.


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