Tano Photo Tuesday – March 17


The end of the weave, haha. I took my braids out and my hair was crazy for real but once I showered it was all good. But, surprisingly, my hair was SO healthy afterwards, probably from absorbing all the oils for 2.5 weeks. tano3 tano4I went with my friend Hope to another orphanage that is dear to her heart and she has done so much work for. These are a few of the girls in powerful shirts that Hope made.


Tumaini got to come to church Sunday! How precious does he look? I have to say my kids will be so hipster, haha. He really loves wearing shoes.

tano1My sweet boy, Tumaini. It’s such a joy to spend time with this boy and watch him grow and learn and develop.

BONUS PHOTOS from this weeks photo shoots. (Dorothy, Dawson, Doris, Christopher)IMG_3526 IMG_3599 IMG_3655 IMG_3689


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