Tano Photo Tuesday – Mar 10

So consider this a bonus edition since I’ve been doing a lot of photo shoots with the babies at Neema AND I got an iphone so now I can take way better pictures on the fly!


The ride from my house to the main road is usually done by boda boda (aka motorcycle taxi) Stay tuned for a v-log (video blog) about that ride!IMG_3036

Its Been SOOOO Hot recently. More and more pool time for the kids. I can’t even handle how cute this photo of Tumaini is. For real.

IMG_0038 Matt and Kelly got back from their holiday in the states and carried some things over for me. Including this awesome cheese powder which I discovered is amazing on popcorn. I can also make really great mac and cheese! (They also carried over my new-to-me iphone. Thanks guyssss!)

IMG_0070  Tumaini really wanted to wear these mittens so I gave him this hat as well and told him we were going to climb Kilimanjaro.


Speaking of Mountains. How awesome is Mt. Meru? It overlooks Arusha and you can see it for pretty much everywhere.


ZawadiIMG_2855 Riziki IMG_3129  Malikia (who was born blind)IMG_3225



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