Tano Photo Tuesday

It’s Tuesday already? Where did this week go? Sorry these are all terrible cell phone/ webcam pictures, I seemed to have missed place my camera memory card.

tano2Here it is. A braids photo! 4 hours of work but they’re pretty awesome. They’ve held up about a week now, we’ll see how long I can keep them in. They’re for sure feeling loose but to be expected with soft “mzungu’ (white person) hair.

IMG_20150227_125659-001The smaller kids got in on pool fun this past week and they loved it! So much so that it was nearly impossible to get them out of the pool. I let Tumaini stay in a couple extra minutes and then when I tried to get him out he would scoot to the opposite side of the pool and laugh hysterically. Finally I got him out and in to some clean clothes and down for nap!


This is Zawadi when she’s suppose to be napping, and instead she was smiling and getting out of bed. Sorry for the terrible quality.

IMG_20150227_152817-001Went by Walk In Love one day and saw Joeli and met his new friend Lightness. She was all about posing for photos and needed me to keep taking her picture, hah. Joeli use to live at Neema House but was able to return home with his grandmother. During the week he hangs out at Walk In Love, a daycare/preschool that’s really awesome.

tanoAaaaand Tumaini. He really wanted to try on Godlove’s boots so I helped him out and this hilariousness ensued. He wanted to walk but could not even lift his feet.


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