Tano Photo Tuesday – Feb 24


Meet Katherine! Isn’t she beautiful? She came to Neema in this past week after being found abandoned on the outskirts of Arusha. She’s roughly 11 months old and very healthy. I will never claim to know what drives these mothers to leave their babies, and my heart breaks for them. While social welfare searches for any family, Katherine will be living at Neema and being cuddled and loved, if no family can be found she will be available for adoption.


My little man, Tumaini. He’s finally getting more secure in walking, which is so fun to watch! He’s growing up so fast, though I will say, 15 months is a brutal age! haha.

tano2On Monday the area nurses came to do vaccinations in the morning which meant none of the kids napped! By lunch they were all exhausted, to the point where Tumaini fell asleep at the lunch table. Later that afternoon (when he woke up, of course before everyone else) I gave him a much needed hair cut. Though he looks so grown up bald, but very handsome.

tanoAh and the reason this post is late? Tuesday afternoon was spent at the salon! (Or saloon as they say here). 3 1/2 hours of torture, I mean braiding. But it looks pretty dang sweet. The woman braiding my hair kept calling out to her friends walking past to come greet her visitor (me). It was kind of hilarious, but I suppose she doesn’t get many wazungu (white people) coming in her salon. Photos of the finished product to come later mostly because I’m lazy.


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