Tano Photo Tueday – Feb 17


Everyone loves naked babies in the swimming pool pictures right? So here’s another! Seriously, it’s finally stareted to cool down a bit, but some days the heat has been crazy. Almost all the kids love the pool, I’d love to see a few of them at a real swimming pool.IMG_2271 Careen. This little girl is continually impressing me. Given the condition she was in when she came to us, I was worried. But she has bounced back! She’s getting a bit chubby these days and has quite the belly/full cheeks. She LOVES to eat. She  is now proper crawling, and attempting to pull herself up to stand. Though she is obviously quite delayed, with this progress, I feel she will be up to speed in no time. Read about Careen’s arrival here.IMG_2313Since the other Kelly is visiting the states I’ve been giving Elisha some extra cuddles and giggles for her. He is seriously one of the sweetest little boys and he LOVES to laugh. He also loves kisses. He is getting so much stronger, and I feel like he will be a very tall man some day. Seriously… so sweet.
tumaTano photo tuesday is never complete without a photo of Tumaini. Here is he borrowing another volunteer’s hat. He was pretty into it. IMG_2010Amiri went home! Amiri had come to us because his mother was very sick and unable to care for him at the time, he spent some months with us and we were never really sure what the outcome would be. His mother came with a letter from the hospital yesterday, and she spent the night with Amiri at Neema and they went home today! He totally remembered her, and when he arrived home was greeted by some extended family he also remembered. He was a sweet boy to have around with a wonderful smile and we will miss him, but I am so happy he was able to be reunited with his family.


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