Bless the rains

The air was pregnant with possibilities.
I could hear the whispers every where I went.
Would this be the day the skies finally opened to send the nourishing rains that land so desperately needed?file0001793714275

The dry, parched earth cracked and caved.
The dust floated in and out of windows and door and lungs.
The roads had become worse and worse and the dirt gave way to the rocks underneath.

I awoke in the night to the “ping ping ping” on the tin roofs.
Could it be? Have the rains finally arrived?
No sooner had those thoughts left my mind the pings turned to a steady ryhthm.

77551The rains had come.

I fell back asleep to find that when awoke the next morning the rains had yet to leave.
The desperate earth drank deeply.
The children squealed in glee as they dared to try and touch the rain.

In a place like Tanzania, the rains mean everything.
If the rain doesn’t come, it can mean starvation.
If the rain stays too long, it can mean homes collapse.

villagelife3Today I am thankful.
I am thankful for full buckets of water in my home, without the work of carrying.
I am thankful for the softening of the roads.
I am thankful for the small patches of mud, instead of dust.
I am thankful for the living Water that never runs dry.


5 thoughts on “Bless the rains

  1. I was so happy, too, to hear that rain start last night. And even though we had a line full of laundry getting rained on I just couldn’t be mad–the rain is too badly needed right now. Hope it and the break in the heat stick around for while!

  2. Ally

    This post reminds me of the song Africa by Toto 🙂 I love your descriptive words. I felt like I was there. I’ll admit rainy season in Tanzania is my favorite.

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