Tano Photo Tuesday – Feb 10

tano I went to visit Karly at Camp Moses (school/orphanage) on Thursday and ran into two of the boys from the post “the day I went home with three boys“! It was an awesome surprise to see them and most likely they will be transferring to Camp Joshua boarding school, which is where Jennifer attends. Which means I will see them regularly when I visit her! How sweet!IMG_2018 These kids…. Franki, Gloria, and Amiri. They’re all about getting their photo taken. 
IMG_2084So we got a new swimming pool! And it’s awesome! Most days the kids go naked, but they decided to break out the swim suits this day, which are almost all for girls, so even the boys wore girls swimsuits. Oh well, they were still adorable and had a ton of fun.


We also got a slip and slide! The kids don’t really understand it, so we basically have to throw them down it, but they love it. Especially Angelous (pictured here) and Gian and Bahati. Those boys would go again and again and again.IMG_2066Another picture of swimming pool fun, featuring Angelous front and center. 
IMG_2137and this makes 6 photos, but what would it be without a photo of Tumaini right? He first hated the swimming pools but now he loves it, as long as its not too crowded.


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