Tano Photo Tuesday – Feb 3


I just wanted to start this with this adorable picture of Tumaini, because, why not! He’s got a mouthful of teeth these days and is awesome (But I’m not biased or anything)

michaelThis past week Michael went home/was adopted! This man came forward as Michael’s biological father, but due to the time that has passed (almost 3 yrs!) he went through as a formal adoption. I was able to see Michael off to his new home with his dad and grandparents. It will be a great place for him to grow up! Though I totally already miss him.michael2

As per tradition, we had a small party for Michael’s send off with punch, candy, and biscuits (cookies). Michael drank a ton of punch and was totally on a sugar high. (PS. Can I just say I love the staff at Neema)

1979479_10152538003091567_2938344121049035556_nIt has been VERY hot this past week. So much so that basically every afternoon we take out the basins and let the kids splash around. Amiri and Gloria espcially LOVE the water. I would love to take them to a swimming pool some day and see what they think! 10433787_10152538000051567_3064298512019852004_n And for a bonus…. more photos of Tumaini. He was rocking this silky star shorts Monday. And pretending to drive, like always.


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