Five Minute Friday – Wait

fmfWorking at Neema baby home, I witness a lot of waiting. I watch the days pass and pass as a determined woman works and fights for custody of the child she loves dearly. I hold itty bitty newborns, handed over by newly widowed fathers, who will wait and wait until they feel they can take care of the child themselves. I stand in the gap and love while each child waits for their forever home with their forever family. michael

This past week one little boy’s waiting ended. Michael, who had been living at Neema for around 2 and a half years, finally went home. In my time here, it seemed there was always someone who was possibly adopted him but things fell through time and time again. Michael is a big boy now, three years old, and finally his wait is over.

I feel so blessed to have known Michael. To watch him grow and learn. To have had this time with him, to snuggle him and get kisses. My heart is both full and a bit sad now that I won’t be seeing him every time I walk through the door, but finally for Michael, his wait is over.


****This post is part of the “Five Minute Friday” link up over at Kate Motaung’s blog. If you want to know more, click here ***


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