Tano Photo Tuesday

This weeks tano photo tuesday is all poor quality cell phone pictures. Pole sana (very sorry)tano1THIS! This is a hard meal to photograph due to it being very white BUT I took apart a WHOLE chicken to make this meal. Ugh. I’d be happy if I never have to do that again, though it was delicious. Chicken broccoli pasta with a cream of mushroom sauce.tano2 This is Christopher and he’s around 4 months old. He was given me all kinds of smiles the other day and I managed to get this photo. What a charmer. And he looks a lot like Tumaini when he was little!  Christopher came to Neema around a week old, after he was found abandon on the side of the road covered in dirt…. you would never guess he had such a rough beginning looking at him now.tano3

I got really sick this past week and wasn’t really sure what was up, so I used my at home Malaria test and thankfully it was negative! Yay. And I only had to stab myself like 7 times for the blood sample, haha. Still not sure what the cause was, probably just a flu bug. tano4Tumaini was also feeling pretty under the weather this week but we chalked most of it up to a teething fever. He’s breaking all his molars, all at once! Yikes. So We did some snuggling, and baby wearing and he’s back to his normal self these days.
tano5Careen. Wow. How awesome it has been to see her grow and learn and feel safe! I  noticed today she’s starting to look a bit fat! That’s awesome considering how malnourished she was. She is starting to talk a bit and hopefully we will be able to get her walking soon!


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