Tano Photo Tuesday

IMG_1012These kids. What sweeties. I’ve been looking back at photos from the last year or so and I’m in awe of how quickly babies grow. These are some of the most precious people to me.


It’s hot season! That means on days when the heat is near unbearable we take out the hose and the large basins for water fun. Gian (pictured here) and Bahati were taking turns taunting Mama Musa who would spray them with the hose and then they’d point at her and yell “wewe!”. (which is kind of the equivalent of “hey you!”)IMGP8273 Amiri was all about this water photo shoot. He was dunking his face in the bucket of water and then dramatically coming back up, total model status. This boy is so sweet.tano4Tumaini loves Memusi and Memusi loves Tumaini. These days I rarely see one without the other. It’s ridiculously precious especially because they’re both learning to give kisses. I was holding Tumaini and Memusi just came over and hugged him and gave him a big kiss on the face. Also this is a new dress I got last week and I LOVE it.
tano5Today it seemed the rain would never stop. I woke up around 7:30 am to the sound of rain POURING down. Knowing I was almost out of water I hurried to put my buckets outside. I literally was able to fill every bucket/basin/container in my house. Finally around 1:30 pm the rain has subsided. We will see if it returns.


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