Tano Photo Tuesday

Welcome to 2015’s first tano (five) photo tuesday! It’s kind of like a week recap summed up in five photos. Enjoy!tano2Me and this little guy (Tumaini) got to have a sleepover! He has been a bit unwell and so was staying in the “isolation” room, which is really just an extra bedroom upstairs at Neema. I managed to work my schedule to be able to spend a night with him. Though he didn’t want to go to bed until about 9pm… then woke up for an hour at midnight… and then half hour around 3… and then up for good around 6:45 am. Good practice though right? (sorry terrible webcam quality)

tanoA friend (who happens to be the mom of a friend from camp) is in Tanzania! We got to meet up on Sunday and went to church/lunch/and the cultural heritage museum. OH MY GOSH. There were some incredibly breathtaking paintings that literally brought tears to my eyes. So incredible.

IMG_0726Dawson, Ebenezer, Memusi anid Tumaini at the lunch table! Memusi and Tumaini were totally flirting it up the whole meal, haha. These kids are too sweet. And they love beans and rice (which was the meal today). IMG_0832

A bunch of the big kids hopped on the spinny swing and were singing songs with Mama Musa. They were all being super silly and ridiculously precious. I love these babes.
IMG_0867Angelous was set on having a photo with me, so here we are. Not the best, but who cares. Angelous has never had his top two teeth come in, and the local dentist says the baby ones don’t exist so this poor little guy is going to have to wait a few more years before he has a full smile!


8 thoughts on “Tano Photo Tuesday

  1. I loved these pics! Did you say you were overseas? Where at? Those children are simply adorable! What is it you do over there? Teach? Would love to hear more. 🙂

    1. I live in Arusha, Tanzania. Half time volunteer at a baby home/orphanage and the other half time learning to live like a local/exploring culture/making friends. haha.

  2. Ms Kelly! I’m loving loving loving this Tano Photo Tuesday! So I’ve been scrolling through your blog and reading about all your adventures, especially with Neema, and its making me miss hanging out at the babies home where I volunteer! How do you do it? I get so so emotionally and physically drained that I need like a week off after being there! 😦

    1. aw thanks girl! Honestly I just have gotten to the point where I LOVE the kids so much that I can’t fathom not seeing them. The few times I’ve gone “on holiday” for a week or so I’ve missed them terribly. My life feels a bit empty without 30-something-screaming children. haha. At first it was really hard, especially when I was often involved in picking up the new children from the hospital, but I’ve learned not to carry those weights and just to pray, a lot, for these babies and their mamas who felt leaving them was the only option.

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