Tano Photo Tuesday

There are even some bonus photos this week because, CHRISTMAS!


On Christmas eve we had a GIANT feast. A few days before a couple who had adopted a little girl from Neema delivered two (live) goats for the feast. Here is Mama Lilly preparing the internal organs for soup (no I didn’t eat the soup). She was so keen to pose for many photos… it was hilarious.


I just love this sweet sweet picture of Baraka and Gloria. They were just hanging out being cute during all the festivities. IMG_0504

Kelly (yes there are two of us) asked me to catch some pictures of her with little Elisha.  He was giggling and laughing up a storm. I was happy to have caught this picture, full of joy! You might remember me first mentioning Elisha in this post, look how big he is now! (Though at first we were told him and his sister were named Anna and Joseph, we later found their names to be Theresia and Elisha)

IMG_0516This beautiful little doll is Neema Joy the newest baby to come to Neema House. Though she is about a month old she only weighs 2.35 kg. She’s SO tiny. Part of it I think is that it’s been a few months since we’ve had a baby this small so I kind of forgot. But she’s beautiful and very precious. Pray for her to grow strong and healthy.

Here is the assembly line for Christmas eve feast!  We had SO much food, and well over 50 people were served. We ate rice, goat, potatoes, fried bananas, fruit and veggies!

IMG_0667These are some of my lovely friends/staff at Neema House during the party. I love them all a lot. IMG_0621Here is Sarah and Gloria! Sarah was adopted back in February but her family is still very involved at Neema (and were the one to bring the goats). Gloria is such a little mama, always trying to get little ones to walk and help them out.
tanotuesFor actual Christmas dinner we went to a local place and had chicken and fish with fried banana (non-sweet). Total typical Tanzanian food. This is the meat display case at the place we at. Me and my boyfriend shared dinner with a Mama friend we have and her three sons, and another friend.


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