Merry Christmas!

2014 has been a jam packed year! I’m going to expand on the top things I listed on my Christmas card (above!)
* I have been living in Tanzania for 14 months! – In some ways, this is hard to believe, in other ways, I feel like I’ve been here forever!
* I still spend the majority of my time at Neema House baby home (for orphaned, abandoned and at risk infants and toddlers)
* 22 babies have been welcomed into Neema during my time here.
* I have gotten to see 7 children adopted into forever families
* Additionally 5 children have been reunited with their birth families
–BOOM! It’s been a busy year for Neema House, and though these children all come to us through some sort of brokenness, it’s incredible to get to watch these children placed (or returned) in families. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions for sure, but I am so in love with each and every one of these children. There are currently 35 in the house.
* I’ve met tons of awesome people/volunteers from around the world — I could go on and on here, but the network of volunteers in Arusha is so expansive! It’s been cool to get to know so many people and learn so many things about so many different cultures.
* I saw elephants so close I could almost touch them – True fact, thanks to a safari to Tarangire National Park.
* I got a Tanzanian Driving License — Not as hard as I expected it to actually! Mostly a lot of waiting around and paperwork. In Tanzania they drive on the opposite side of the road from America, and there are pretty much no rules, which makes things very interesting. I don’t drive too often (as I don’t have a car) but from time to time I was the only driver around at Neema when a situation erupted, so having my license is very useful.
* I moved into my own “house” — Okay, I put house is quotes because its sort of like a free standing apartment? I have two rooms, a bedroom and a sitting room/kitchen/anything else room. There is also the bathroom attached to the bedroom. I do not have running water in my house, but their is a neighborhood tap not too far away, and additionally a nice stream if the tap is turned off, where I fetch water. It’s a learning experience for sure but living here has started to feel so natural and it is really helping create more of a sense of community with my neighbors who are used to seeing Wazungu (white people) holed up in huge houses with dramatic fences and guards.
* I’ve fallen more and more in love with Tanzania every day!
There is a really good chance I’ve forgotten some things in this list, but like I said, it was a jam packed year!
Thank you for your continued support, in prayer, love and financially. My life and work here would not be possible with out your help, and the ever guiding presence of God. If you feel led to contribute to my ministry here in Tanzania, please head to the Donate page
Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!

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