Tano Photo Tuesday

This weeks Tano Photo Tuesday is a recap of the past week visiting my friends family! So there are a few bonus photos.

IMG_0284This Mama and her friend Adam were good company while we stayed in Karatu a few days trying to secure my permit to enter the conservation. IMG_0303We walked A LOT during our time there. Public transport is few and far between and we couldn’t always hitch a lift. The beautiful flowing landscapes of Ngorongoro behind them.IMG_0304

The sunsets and night skies from his family’s home were stunning. I could barely take my eyes away and this photo does not do any justice. IMG_0322

Elicana’s sister had a baby two months ago, and here she is! Her name is also Kelly, which I couldn’t believe at first. She’s quite a chunky little girl and she’s doing very well. It was fun to get to spend some time with her since I was missing Tumaini and all the babies at Neema. IMG_0327

These are my 4 goats! IMG_0384

This is the dala dala of Ngorongoro. You may have read about dala dalas in this post, but here it’s a totally different game. It’s an old land cruiser, with the top removed so people can stand, and the conductor (guy who calls out to collect passengers) rides on the roof! With the crazy bumpy roads I had no idea how he didn’t fall off.IMG_0413

And last but not least. We stopped by the Ngorongoro Crater view point on our way out of the conservation. I could hardly believe my eyes, and this picture doesn’t do justice at all because the crater is HUGE. No way to capture in one photo. If you ever have the chance to come to Tanzania for safari, it’s so worth seeing. What an incredible display of creation.


3 thoughts on “Tano Photo Tuesday

  1. So fun to see these photos! How cool is it that your boyfriend’s family lives in the conservation area?! It is one of my favourite places in the world (along with Majimoto near Moshi). If you have a chance to do a safari there sometime, definitely do. It’s amazing!

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