Tano Photo Tuesday

Better late than never right? Here’s 5 photos from this past week!


The kids have been spending most of the morning every day playing outside (weather permitting). The bigger kids (following Michael of course -who is there front and center) have decided it’s a fun thing to stand on things you should be sitting on and climb on things you shouldn’t climb on. But they’re so dang cute.

We celebrated the 4 November Birthdays (Tumaini-1, Zawadi-1, Bakari-1, Franki-3) on Franki’s 3rd birthday, the 29th of November. For whatever reason, they love to have the kids cut the cake… so here is Tumaini cutting his cake celebrating his FIRST birthday. Hah.IMG_0153

This is Franki clearly loving being three….and clearly loving how much cake he gets to eat. I think he ate three pieces….IMG_9904

So the oldest kids have started to ask for “picha picha” and then posing. Especially Gloria. Here is the twins Angel and Angelous, Gloria, and Gian. Gloria was hugging the boys so tight she was almost choking them…. but all for the pictures right?IMG_5216Meet Careen! She is our newest little girl we’ve welcomed at Neema bringing the total currently to 35 children! So thankful we received a donation of new beds a few months back because otherwise we would not have the bed space. Careen is probably about 18 months old and has been removed from a very very bad situation. She had been abandoned earlier this year, and an older woman had taken her in but was not providing the care and nurture that is needed. So Careen has come to stay with us, and to get healthy, before hopefully being adopted into a new home. It’s incredible how much life has come back to this little girl in the short time she has been with us.


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